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B y entering latitude and longitude   of the estimated position excel automatically calculates the times of the astronomical events in . ( Greenwich Mean Time) : twilight, sunrise and sunset.

Also commercial almanacs were produced that combined other information. A good example would be Brown's — which commenced in 1877 – and is still produced annually, its early twentieth century subtitle being "Harbour and Dock Guide and Advertiser and Daily Tide Tables". This combination of trade advertising, and information "by permission... of the Hydrographic Department of the Admiralty " provided a useful compendium of information. More recent editions have kept up with the changes in technology – the 1924 edition for instance had extensive advertisements for coaling stations. Meanwhile the Reeds Nautical Almanac, published by Adlard Coles Nautical , has been in print since 1932, and in 1944 was used by landing craft involved in the Normandy landings . [5]

Nautical Almanac / Vertonen - SplitNautical Almanac / Vertonen - SplitNautical Almanac / Vertonen - SplitNautical Almanac / Vertonen - Split

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