Pat metheny group - offramp

Despite the common description of Metheny's music as "fusion," it was always his intention [ citation needed ] to create improvised music that had a greater emphasis on bringing out harmony than anything common to what was called "fusion" of the time. Pastorius, with whom Metheny struck up a friendship while the two attended the University of Miami and later toured in Joni Mitchell 's backing band during her transition from her earlier folk rock compositions to those with more jazz influence, had at the same time explored melodic lines for his instrument within the melodies normally heard, rather than just providing a simple bassline, revolutionizing the way the bass guitar was viewed by the musical establishment [ citation needed ] . The two friends would talk into the late evening during the early 1970s and discuss the new possibilities their instruments held. [ citation needed ]

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Pat Metheny Group - OfframpPat Metheny Group - OfframpPat Metheny Group - OfframpPat Metheny Group - Offramp

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