Gonno / shingo suwa - merkur ep 02

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Gonno - Haya / MER- - A1 Release Date: October 2014 Release Info: Back to the roots: Merkur releases its EP presenting the Japanese DJ Gonno as in the first releases of the label. Gonno is an integral part of the current wave of house and techno in Japan and also made it over to Europe by playing in Berlin every year since 2007. Gonno’s infectious sound >Haya< is found on the A-side of the new EP. With repetitive synths he manages to bring an acidy flavor to his music and without fail he draws clubbers in with eclectric sounds and the lost art of storytelling behind the decks/machines. On the B-side Shingo Suwa presents his latest composition called >Fifth Reality<. The spacy rythm and the melodic, deep sound let the listener’s thoughts drift off into the infinite cavity of the universe. The piece is truely hypnotizing and brings addictive beats. Vinyl only, limited to 300 copies.

Gonno / Shingo Suwa - Merkur EP 02Gonno / Shingo Suwa - Merkur EP 02Gonno / Shingo Suwa - Merkur EP 02Gonno / Shingo Suwa - Merkur EP 02


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